Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I hate hate

Just thought that I'd let you know about two of today's purchases on the seven inch format. First up is a tune released last year that i completely missed out on. It's 'My Patch' by Jim Noir and it's a blinder. I don't know much about Monsieur Noir except that he's from Manchester and is apparently a fan of the comedian Vic Reeves. I do know that you can listen to some of his tunes here. Funnily enough I only bought his tune today because it has a Hot Chip remix on the b-side. As it turns out, the b-side is pretty crap but the a-side is exceedingly good (like a Mr Kipling bakewell tart).

The real treat today came in the form of a tune by Razzy called 'i hate hate'. It featured on a 'Country got Soul' compilation released in 2004. It turns out that Razzy Bailey is still going these days but is more inclined to focus on the country aspect of his work rather than the soul element. You can check out what Razzy is up to here. As it turns out, he's now up to a load of ould country shite. I wouldn't bother my arse checking it out. Instead you'd be far better off downloading the mp3 of 'I hate hate' right here

I've been sitting at my computer for hours now and my eyes are going a bit funny so I think I'll watch the telly instead. How original!

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