Sunday, April 22, 2007

it took a lost weekend

I've been busy getting drunk over the last few days. So much so that I didn't have the time, inclination or motor skills to post anything here. I'm finally in a fit state to converse with the world once more.

I went out on Friday night to Mick Wallace's Enoteca in the Italian Quarter here in Dublin. The place always has a good buzz about it and it makes me feel like I'm on my holidays for the night. It's stuffed full of Italians and Dubs and they do a nice line in fine wine. It behoved both myself and my good lady wife to drink as much wine as possible and we obliged with little resistance. We were fairly blotto on departure and felt it necessary to take a Luas to our next destination. The tram was full of young girls who had been at the Westlife gig in the Point Depot. (Apparently the Westlfe boys played to 7,500 screaming kids for 12 nights in a row. Not so much money for old rope as money from young dopes.) After what seemed like an eternity but was in fact only two stops later we alighted and nipped into the Dice Bar for a few jars. A Dj was playing, I think it was 'Hells Kitchen' with Claire K, and she was playing some great stuff. At one point myself and the missus were getting down to 'Pass the Dutchie' by Musical Youth and a couple of minutes later I was reprimanded for skinning up in front of the manager. Needless to say things were pretty messy at this stage so the sensible thing was to move on. Home would probably have been the best bet but somehow we were transported around the corner to the Voodoo Lounge. This place is a grotty kip at the best of times but on Friday last it was a grotty kip full of Rockabilly's. I hadn't realised it was a rockabilly-friendly pub, I usually steer clear of those places. Thankfully we made it out of there without being subjected to a ritual hucklebuck or whatever it is those rockabilly's do.

I was dying a thousand deaths on Saturday morning when I entered my kitchen to find a general election candidate sitting at the table. All the while this guy was talking to me I felt as sick as a regional hospital. He seemed like a nice chap but i can't really remember what we were talking about. I imagine it was the smell of drink from me that finally got him to leave. He deserves my No. 1 vote after that.

I got a comment on the post below from a friend i haven't seen in an age. He's made a movie called 'Oil, Smoke and Mirrors' that concerns peak oil and related social, political and economic issues and you should check out the website when you get the chance. You can also watch the documentary here.

I should also mention that if you're living in Ireland or the UK there is a movie on Channel 4 this Wednesday night called 'Dead Man's Shoes'. You'll either love it or hate it, there's no middle ground with it. If you live outside the geographical area mentioned you could do worse than to take a trip to your local video store to rent it. It's a little disturbing but in my humble opinion it's well worth a viewing. It features Paddy Considine in the lead role.

I'm going to do a few edits on this post and then have a look at Match of the Day 2. I bought a few tunes last week that I'll have to write about tomorrow because I've spent this post talking shite. Must try harder next time.

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