Monday, April 16, 2007

Sweet summer sounds (kind of!)

All this sitting around with nothing to do has meant that I've had a little time on my hands to put together a new 25-minute podcast. The latest one is entitled the Smooth Summer Vinyl Mix but I'm not entirely sure why. I thought it might be more appealing if it seemed slightly exotic. I recommend that you download it and wait for that perfect summer moment when you have 25 minutes to spare. Sit back, pop open a nice bottle of wine or a cool beer and enjoy the music that has been brought to you by some of the most creative geniuses this side of Ballycumber. It all comes from a vinyl source and as such has been handcrafted from only the most original of material. Anyhow, I like it so much that I'm going to give you the playlist for this one. I've attached a link to where you can get each one. If you like these guys then go and buy their stuff.

1. Another Day - Ray, Goodman & Brown
2. Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC (This one is for the Irish cricket team)
3. Girl you need a change of mind - Eddie Kendricks
4. I hate hate - Razzy
5. Beep Beep I love you - Malcolm Middleton
6. Rapture - Dub Pistols feat. Terry Hall

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