Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm not satisfied

This Friday sees Crawdaddy host the acclaimed rapper and lyricist supreme, J-Live. I'm the one who is acclaiming him just in case there's any confusion. I only stumbled upon this guy after he had released the tune 'Satisfied' from his 2002 album 'All of the Above'. The tune takes Augustus Pablo's reggae classic 'East of the river Nile' and adds a beat and lyrics and turns this strange mix into a hip-hop gem. I was blown away the first time I heard it and I still like nothing more than to give it a spin on the turntable every now and then. The gig is being hosted by the ChoiceCuts crew and promises to be good. You can also catch my old mate and legendary Kilkenny B-Boy, Cool C in the POD and the Rootical Sound System will be entertaining in the bar.

I also picked up the latest 7" that was released by Arcade Fire today entitled 'Intervention'. You can watch them perform it live below.

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