Monday, July 30, 2007

architecture in skeheenarinky

Over the last year or so a band called Architecture in Helsinki would frequently appear in the music recommended to me by I can't remember ever listening to them but my interest in them perked today when i found their latest 7" with a remix by Bonde de Role. The first offering from their new album Places Like This is entitled 'Heart it Races' and you can listen to it on their MySpace site. It's a funny little ditty by this australian band and it's a bit hard to describe. Fuck it though, i'll give it a lash. On third listen its sounds like a peculiar hybrid of Talking Heads, Hayzee Fantazee with a little bit of The Specials thrown in and the remix by Bonde de Role is great.

I also picked up the latest 7" vinyl offering from a chap I'd never heard of until today called Elmore Judd. I'm not very sure how to describe his first release on Honest Jons, but 'Tron Song' definitely has a peculiar soul edge to it. It starts off with a sparse funky bassline and a sound like someone hitting some milk bottles and watering cans with their knitting needles. Then a smoky voice accompanied by a five note keyboard loop comes in and things start to rock a little bit more. Just a little bit more mind you, it breezes along very gently in the same manner until it ends all too soon. It has the potential to be remixed into an 11 minute dancefloor groover. It's great even though I thought it was absolute shite when I first listened to it. Listen to it on their MySpace.

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