Monday, July 2, 2007

london calling

Today we'll have a listen to two up and coming London artist(e)s, Kate Nash and New Young Pony Club. They're coming at music from entirely different angles but both are still attempting to tap into the rich vein of pop music.

I picked up the latest 7" release from a young lady called Kate Nash. I saw her performing on Later with Jools Holland recently and since then she's only gone and reached number 2 in the UK charts. The song is 'Foundations' and you can listen to the first 1 minute 53 seconds of it on her MySpace page. While you're there you could do worse than to also check out Merry Happy which I think was her first single. Apparently it's going to be released again before September which is when her debut album is due out. I'm not sure how I'd describe her sound. It's a pop female version of Billy Bragg mixed with Jarvis Cocker.

I also purchased the latest 7" release by New Young Pony Club,'Ice Cream'. It's a flashy little vinyl picture disc with a sticker on the cover that says the song features on the Intel ad. I'm not really sure what that's about but it features the 'Popular Computer' remix which you can listen to on their MySpace page. The video for the tune is a bit of a trip. It's as if the guy who made the Sledgehammer video went on the piss with the guy who made the videos for Army of Lovers and came up with this.

PS: I couldn't be arsed getting better pictures than the ones posted. Apologies.

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