Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mr Telephone Man

I didn't buy anything today so instead I thought I would give you a peek into the wonder that is the world wide web and some of the things that I've stumbled upon recently.

This site shows you how to make one of those telephone dj headsets. These were de rigeur for any DJ back in the early eighties and they were usually plugged into some Citronic Twin Decks for full effect. I actually saw a bloke called Nervous Stephen use one recently. It was in a boozer somewhere in Brixton. He arrived with a suitcase full of 7" vinyl and a telephone headset and I knew that I was in for a rocking good night. He didn't let me down. Apparently he plays in that club Dogstar regularly (or at least he used to). Check him out if you're in London town.

I was sent an e-mail today by a friend warning of the dangers of hotel key cards and the info held on them about you. It is in fact one of those urban myths and another friend was quick to counter with a link to an Urban Myth website. I noted that they had a section on popstars so i thought I'd have a look. It includes a few of the famous ones including the Mars bar incident with Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger but my favourite is the one on Van Halen. Apparently they had a 'no brown M&M's clause in their tour rider. The freaky thing is that this urban myth appears to be true.

I stumbled across the MySpace of Metamatics earlier today. I'd bought some stuff by this chap a few years ago including 'SpookTinselShoal' in 2000 and the 'Dope for the Robot' album that was released in 2001. This was at a stage when I was mopping up electronica albums by the dozen. Lots of Arovane, Esem, Lackluster and so on. Metamatics is doing some new stuff and you can listen to his version of 'personal Jesus' on the MySpace site.

I met Dennis McNulty in Mick Wallaces Enoteca the other night. We're a right pair of fancy dans so we are. Anyhow i hadn't seen him in ages and he's up to loads of stuff. Check out his website here. Only joking that's not his website at all. Click on Dennis' full name above if you want to check it out. I'm thinking of inviting him to do one of those anti-tour gigs in my gaff. I haven't told him that yet though. Maybe I have now.


Justin Mason said...

bollix! I see your man Dennis McNulty did something at a Bridget Riley exhibition last week. Looking at the gallery's site it sounds like the exhibition is now over; bugger. that would have been good. ah well.

aoife mc said... You have The Indians seminal 70s album Indian Country?!?!? Boy, would I love to hear that again. It reminds me of being 5 and wearing an original kids addidas tracksuit and dancing in my gran's garden to that very record with my cousins. It was awesome. They were from Carlow or something weren't they?

The Dark Side of Mosney...yeeesh.

I'd like to get my paws on that DJ phone thing...even though I'm not quite sure what it's for.

Matt Vinyl said...

Justin: Let's try a little harder to keep our finger on the pulse. Go and see the Toy exhibition in The Ark, its deadly (for about 15 minutes anyway)

Aoife: I saw The Indians pay at a summer fair in the early eighties and their lead singer Big Chief Flaming Star arrived on stage on a piebald pony. The original guitarist and bass players are the uncles of Paul Wonderful of Joshua Trio/Glam Tarts fame. i just love a bit of trivia.