Wednesday, August 1, 2007

100th Post and nothing to write

I've been at this for about four months now and I feel that I've reached a milestone in the blogging process. As such I couldn't be arsed writing about the seven inch I bought today by Fujiya & Miyagi so I'll direct you here to BWANK who wrote a review of it a few weeks ago. For any readers located in the Emerald Isle, these guys will be playing in the Foggy Notions tent at the Electric Picnic in about 4 weeks.

I also got a reminder about a chap I hadn't listened to in a couple of years. the individual in question is hip-hop afficianado Quasimoto. Check out his MySpace.



mp3hugger said...

Happy post Mr Centurian.

antrophe said...

Happy Birthday.

I know the feeling of wanting to write shit, but not been arsed. Its the nail in the coffin of a blog, it can be quite an unfulfillable chore really.

Hope you keep it up though.

Matt Vinyl said...

cheers, I'm having a great day.

I'll keep the blog up until at least next March, I promised myself that I'd try it for a year at least. It's a kind of experiment that I'm doing. I just haven't figured it all out yet.