Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back once again it's the renegade master

I've beeen found wanting lately when its come to actually chatting about seven inch singles. It's not that I've stopped buying them. Instead I've found that on any given day I only find one new tune and i don't feel that that's worth the effort of a post. I have a life. Apparently.

As luck would have it I stumbled across a few tunes yesterday and I'll fill you in below.

The first tune I found was released back in March but I hadn't a clue who the band were then so I'd studiously ignored it since. That was then but I'm no longer as ignorant. I managed to see Electrelane live last weekend and I thought they were great. On foot of their performance I've invested in the 7" 'To the East'. If you want to hear it then click here for their MySpace.

The next tune is the first of three new releases getting an airing here.

I managed to see The Beastie Boys at the weekend (although only for about 15 minutes) and they did what I expected them to do. I'll not reveal how high I set those expectations but I nonetheless enjoyed their performance. They've released a single from their album 'The Mix Up' and it's called 'Electric Worm'. It's an instrumental and I like it. All funky drumming and wah-wah guitar. You can listen to it here on their MySpace.

King Creosote has a new album out on September 10th and in advance of that he's released the first tune from it, 'You've no clue do you'. He appears to be aiming for a bit of a crossover into the mainstream with this one. It's certainly a very chirpy musical affair even if the words wouldn't be so inclined. You can listen for yourself here. Better still you could go and see him here in Dublin when he plays the Spiegeltent on the 18th September. His new album is called 'Bombshell'. Check him!

The next new release was actually a 2-part seven inch set by Interpol. It's a tune from their album 'our love to admire' which was released earlier this year. The first part follows the now common trend of having an etching on the b-side of the release. It's called 'Mammoth'. The second part has the same tune and another tune on it's b-side that was recorded live at The Astoria. The b-side 'Evil' is no great shakes. The a-side can be heard here.

I should also tell you that the new single from Dan le Sac & Scroobius Pip, 'The Beat that my heart Skips' will be released on the 10th September. After the vinyl drought of the summer months the autumnal deluge is welcomed anew.


Sinéad said...

Matt, FYI re Electrelane.

Matt Vinyl said...

Nice one.

Matt Vinyl said...

Nice one.