Thursday, October 25, 2007

arcanadian fire lights up big tent

I was looking around the interweb for reviews of last nights Arcade Fire concert. Well actually I was looking for some photos of it for this blog. I made my first foray into gig photography and managed to take three of the shittest photos ever. I was going to publish them here but they really are that shit that I just deleted them instead.

Let's get to the gig itself. I was too busy having a few scoops in the local, the Hole in the Wall, to make it to any of the support stuff. Instead it was straight in and five minutes later the crowd were rocking to the first tune, Black Mirror. They proceeded to rock on and played most of 'Funeral' and 'Neon Bible'. There was bit of banter with the audience every now and again but they mostly did what they do best. That would be looking like a bunch of Pilgrim Settlers who took fashion tips from Boy George and my granddad. Fortunately when it comes to playing their music live they did that very well. Although a few people had a different experience the sound was great where I was standing.

I was standing beside two aul lads who were at least sixty years apiece. They were well into it. It's refreshing to see that bands like Arcade Fire still have such mass appeal. One of my main memories of the night was the overwhelming smell of freshly shampooed barnets. Everyone washed their hair for the gig except me. Another thing that struck me was the height of the Irish populace. I never really notice how tall Irish people are until they're standing in front of me at a gig. Blokes who I'd consider the same height as me suddenly become six inches taller. Maybe it was the undulating land or maybe I'm shrinking.

The atmosphere at the gig was akin to a football match. Lots of tribal singing and arms aloft. It was a bit like going to see Bohs play except with several thousand more people and better entertainment on offer. I liked Arcade Fire. I've searched for the last half hour for photos of last nights gig but my search capabilities are obviously limited. Here's a photo of Limahl instead.


Jim Dubh said...

I am off to see them in Manchester this weekend. Should be great.

Matt Vinyl said...

they put on a great show. I was suitably impressed.

econgirl said...

think how annoying it is to be a short-ish girl at a gig! there should be a designated section up the front :D i heard a few reports of bad sound for the quieter songs alright.

Joe said...

I was well impressed though thought they 'lost the crowd' a bit with the quieter part of the set which went on a song too long. Good night though.

Matt Vinyl said...

You're not far wrong there. They did seem to lose it for a bit.