Wednesday, October 31, 2007

dancing at the disco, bumper to bumper!

With all the goings on of the last few days I've reneged somewhat on my blogging. I'll attempt to make up for lost time by going through a few of the latest purchases on the cherished vinyl format.

The latest tune by Nancy Elizabeth on Leaf Records is another gem. 'I Used to Try' is another slice of her alt-folk and its release on seven inch has been timed to coincide with that of her new album Battle & Victory which was due for release in September but I've only seen it in the shops in the last few days. I picked up her last tune and stuck it on a podcast. I think she's great. Sister Nancy she a one in a three million!

After banging on about the releases on Battered Ornaments in this post, I then realised that I hadn't bought the one I actually heard first. As such it was back into the shops to pick up 'Sometimes' by Beneath Fire & Smoke on seven inch. The tune is more akin to a piece from a movie soundtrack rather than a commercial release in its own right. Violin, breathy vocals and sparse keyboards build slowly at first and are joined by some very low-key beats and plinky plonk noises. It's deadly. Apparently they have another release, The Iceberg Waltz, due in early November so look out for that too. You can listen to some of the tunes here.

I picked up 'Destroy Everything' by Scot-Scouse band Ladytron on seven inch. I managed to see them at the Electric Picnic and stayed for a few of their songs. I thought they were pretty good live. This tune however, has a touch of the Paul Oakenfolds about it and is slightly too dancefloor and anthemic for my personal tastes. I'm sure it goes down a treat at their live gigs though. Check it out here.

Any regular readers will be aware of my nostalgic leanings for eighties pop music. When I was presented with the chance to buy 'Mickey' by Toni Basil the other day I seized it immediately. €2 for a pop classic. It was apparently originally recorded in 1979 but only got released in 1981. Toni didn't think it was fit for release but the record company put it out all the same. It mixes wonderfully with two-step drum and bass from the 1997 era. Check out her marionette style dancing in the video here. Toni Basil is actually more famous as a choreographer to bands down the years and used a similar style in the choreography for the video of Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads.

Last but not least for tonight is a 12 inch I found of The Frank & Walters. My interest in them was reignited when i read an interview with one of them in last Sundays papers. The interview was actually in the property section and featured a former member chatting about his property restoration business. Cork produced a number of bands with a great pop sensibility and the Frank & Walters were one of them. Fashion Crisis hits New York sees them at their best. Here's a short clip of them playing it live. I'm led to believe that they're back touring and will be playing in Whelans here in Dublin on December 8th, the traditional culchie shopping day. Along with the recent release of Microdisneys greatest hits its becoming a regular Cork pop revival. Where's the Sultans of Ping while all this is going on?


mish said...

Have you heard Secretary by Ladytron?? Absolute genius!

mp3hugger said...

The Frank & Walters 'This Is Not A Song' backed up by 'Davy Chase' is my favourite cassette single ever.

Matt Vinyl said...

Mish - Don't think I've heard it. I'll go and check it out.

MP3 - Cassette singles!!! You old devil. I found a box load of cassettes when I was cleaning up the other day. 'George Best' on cassette. Oh and that Engine Alley album. I still keep a Sony Walkman particularly for such eventualities.

mp3hugger said...

They were so naff when I think about it, especially the ones that had the b-side on side two. Imagine, stopping the tape, pressing eject, switching the tape around and then rewinding, all just to hear a crummy track! My, how the kids have it so easy these days. It's Kevin btw.

Matt Vinyl said...

Kevin, like me da, sure I'll have to grasp you to my bosom now. Don't be giving your real name out to freaks like me on the internet superhighway.

My walkman always had the flick switch so that you didn't have to eject it. You probably had one of those Lloytron or Yoko efforts. Bad buzz they were.

My kids don't have it easy. I've already bought a ball of string and an orange for each of them for Christmas. Do you think I'm spoiling them with the orange?

mp3hugger said...

Two tin cans and they'll have some cool retro walkie talkie's on their hands. Stick some tooth picks in the orange peel and they'll have an inexpensive air freshener. Maybe save that for their birthday, don't want them thinking they're living in the land of plenty. It was a cheap Alba chewin every cassette tape I owned bastard btw.

Matt Vinyl said...

Alba - The peoples choice!