Thursday, October 11, 2007

just when you thought it was safe to go in to this blog...

After hitting the blogging doldrums for a few days I've put a bit of a pep in my step in the form of the latest podcast. It's for consumption by all and sundry. So get ready to chow down.

This podcast runs for over an hour (69 minutes in fact) so I suggest that you take it all in your stride. Rather than stick with any one theme or genre I've decided to give you an insight into the kind of stuff floats around in Matt Vinyls head and gathers dust on his record shelves. Some of the tunes are fairly recent, some are fairly old. The one thing that they all have in common is that they're individually brilliant. I also think that they don't sound too bad together. As with the last podcast I've dispensed with the talk. The music should be a more than adequate replacement for that. Here's the playlist:

1. This Time (Dub) - DJ Shadow
2. Charlemane (Bigga's Imperial Delay Mix For Rockers Hi-Fi) - Lundaland
3. Getting Away With It - Electronic
4. Click - Aphelion
5. Electric Worm - The Beastie Boys
6. Brutus Drums - Eddie Warner
7. Night of the Vampire – Joe Meeks
8. Peter Gunn – Art of Noise feat Duane Eddy
9. Present Arms in Dub – UB40
10. Congoman – The Congos
11. Star 6 And 7 8 9 - The Orb
12. Trail of the Lonesome Pine – Laurel Hardy
13. Joe Who - Mindless Boogie
14. 11.55 - Roni Size & DJ Die
15. Love is in the Ear - Polar
16. Playaway - Lionel Morton

You can listen through the podomatic thing on the right or go here

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