Friday, November 9, 2007

All me have fi do is send for the new gun

Myself and the Mullet headed down to the Sugar Club last night to get a fix of contemporary culture as laid on by Candy Collective. Sweet Talk 29 featured amongst others Richard Gilligan and Alan Clarke, two likely lads from Dublin who were talking about their creative design work and photos.

We landed down a couple of hours after kick off so I'm not sure who we missed. The door into the venue is inappropriately placed right beside the stage so you get eyeballed by a few hundred people for wandering in late. It was all fancy spectacles and scarf wearing by a large percentage of the audience. Lots of head nodding at the talk of typography and letter setting. The final speaker of the evening was a bloke called Adrian Shaughnessy I believe. He's done a lot of design work for the likes of Primal Scream and the Mute record label. The speakers had a large cinema screen behind them where they'd show their work but a lot of it was lost on me because the screen was so far away. It's the first time that I've attended such an event and I have to say that I was suitably impressed by the whole thing.

It's unusual to see the awkwardness in creative types when they're given a captive audience and are in essence asked to explain and justify their creative work. It was obvious that some of the speakers were unused to operating outside of their creative zone. They probably weren't made any more comfortable by a drunk girl at the bar who kept shouting 'Boring, boring'. She was eventually removed from the premises but not before she'd given a stirring rendition of Dusty Springfields' Son of a Preacher Man. How rock and roll is that? Getting ejected from a talk on graphic design! Fuckin' classic.

As I write an old episode of 'Father Ted' is on. It's my favourite and features Brendan Grace as a bad ass priest who keeps playing 'Limb by Limb' by Cutty Ranks. Telly as it should be.


Justin Mason said...

that Father Ted episode is truly classic, only improved with the greatness of "Limb by Limb"!

drunk girl at the bar is similarly a comic genius, from the sounds of things...

Matt Vinyl said...

She should get a series of her own. Just get her locked and put her on Questions & Answers.