Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Matt's Remix Highlights Podcast

I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out a new mix. It’s based on some of the best b-side remixes that I’ve found on the seven inches that I’ve bought throughout the year. Some are great because they are eminently danceable whilst others are just plain strange. Here's a nice picture on the right of the vinyl in question. There's one extra in there that isn't on the mix so you can try and figure out what it is. I do hope that you’ll enjoy the mix. If you do then check out some of the others at

This Site

or check out the older podcasts at

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Here's the playlist for this one:

The Aliens – Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)
Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own (NYPC’s Fucked Mix)
Simian Mobile Disco – It’s the eat
The Gossip – Listen Up (MSTRKRFT Mix)
The Go Team – Doing It Right (Yo Majesty Remix)
Bonde Do Role – Marina Gasolina (Peaches Remix)
Pharoahe Monch – Body Baby (An Optimo (Espacio) Edit)
Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Jel Flipped

and here's the mix

Matt's End of Year Remixed B-Side Round Up


Justin Mason said...

I like the look of that!

the libsyn hosting is working well, too, it zoomed down for me.

Matt Vinyl said...

get it into ya. yeah, the libsyn thing is great, except that it doesn't do fancy badges for blogs like the last one did. ah well, that's progress for you.

lukem said...

the aliens rmx is class. hot chip, where would you be without em. no fujiya&miyagi?

red said...

man, with these podcasts you are spoiling us. how's a girl supposed to get her end of year list done?

jusk (panadoladiction.com) said...

Nice little mix, managed to smuggle it through the work firewall. Cheers.

Oh, and hello by the way! I don't believe I've posted on here before. Nice blog. I've recently been getting into vinyl myself. I hope to blog on my strange and growing collection soon.

National Disgrace said...

I fucking love that Aliens track.. It reminds me of something. ELO??

Matt Vinyl said...

Luke - Its at 33rpm but it took me two listens to figure it out. I thought it was shit both times until I put it on at the correct speed

Red - You can listen to the podcast as you type!

Jusk - Nice one for droppin by. The web traffic has increased 25% as a result. Don't get too into the vinyl or you'll end up with a room full of it.

National - Not a bad comparison actually. I partcularly like the very gentle intro to the tune, I really like the way the vocals start.

Mr.Savage said...

Nice to see a vinyl blog!
Nice tunes on the b sides mix
The Aliens are class !
Did you get shelving made for your 7"s?
I'd be interested in storing mine on a shelf - if you know of anyone that makes them?

Matt Vinyl said...

Cheers Mr Savage! You're not Macho Man Randy Savage, the former nemesis of Hulk Hogan, by any chance?

I still haven't sorted out shelves for the 7's. I'm putting it on my new years resolution list.

Mr.Savage said...

No sir - Wrestling is not my thing.

Good luck with the shelf hunting.

ovak30 said...

cracking mix, been a fan of the aliens for some time, the beta band were gods.hot chip have outdone themselves with the remix.
i just found your blog today and it will be a regular place for me to visit now.

econgirl said...

ooh i'm downloading this in preparation of tomorrow's gym sesh. it better have me dancing on the treadmill boy.

Matt Vinyl said...

Ovak - Thanks for dropping in. I've been becoming slightly irregular with the posts of late. I must try harder

Econ - Dancing on a treadmill is contrary to gym health and safety regulations. I'm going to have to report you.

red said...

Now that my list is done I've come back to check out your podcast. Lovely stuff. I really enjoy letting other people pick the tunes and you do a fine job.