Tuesday, December 18, 2007

thou shalt not covet Matt Vinyls goods

It's mine. I'm not going to tell you how much it cost but my search for a Mr Disc is over. I am now the proud owner of an obsolete portable record player.


If you're interested in acquiring one of these little beauties there's an auction on EBay here.


Justin Mason said...


lukem said...


Does it fuck up your records? How does it sound?

National Disgrace said...


mp3hugger said...

A magical christmas.

Matt Vinyl said...

It's hard to type with my left arm missing. The device is winging its way from Germany as we speak. It turns out that as well as Audio Technica making them, a German company called SABA also made them. Apparently its in mint condition. I'll soon fix that.

mp3hugger said...

Is it jog proof?

Matt Vinyl said...

Jog Proof
Smog Proof
Bog Proof.

It's the must have accesory for 2008

Ketara said...

Great work.