Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Matt's briefs

Buy the new single by The Nackers. This Italo/Irish garage punk band has my mate on drums. They're recently returned from a string of dates in Italy.

Buy Bob Byrnes new book 'Mr. Amperduke'. Bob is the creator, publisher and dogsbody behind The Shiznit. You can buy his new work here.

It behoves me to publicly acknowledge that not only was someone stupid enough to nominate me for Best Music Blog at the upcoming Irish Blog Awards, but it now appears that there was further insanity when I was included in the (long) shortlist. If I win I'll put my trophy/scroll beside my Certificate that I won in the Superquinn Art Competition when I was six and the Gradam an Choláiste that I won in the gaeltacht when I was 15. Trophies and I are uncomfortable bedfellows as you might tell. I never actually realised there were so many Irish blogs. It's all a bit common really. I might have to stop.


aoife mc said...

Wahey! Congrats to you, matt vinyl.
You should really get some new briefs though, I hear all the bloggers are wearing boxers to the awards this year.
They're having a shindig to celebrate the launch of Mr Amperduke tonight in the bernard shaw, I'm heading down after the show tonight to get my paws on a copy!

Matt Vinyl said...

real men wear y-fonts (brown paisley ones)

i ordered a copy from bob yesterday. hope the launch goes well

aoife mc said...

Hey Matt
Didn't make it to the amperduke shindig in the end, flued up to nines as I was. Must get a copy of the book to have a look-see.
Brown paisley y-fronts. Cripes.