Monday, March 24, 2008

another perspective

I've been on extended hiatus from record shopping. OK I haven't been shopping in about a week. That's a long time in my book. I've no idea what new stuff is out but I did chance upon an album from 1996 that I always meant to pick up and by the time I looked for it it wasn't to be had. All is now resolved.

3rd Perspective was released by United Future Organisation, a Japanese jazz and funk band that included Raphael Sebbag, Toshio Matsuura & Tadashi Yabe. The album came out on the Talkin Loud label and it must be said that its a blinder. Here's a video of Planet Plan one of the tunes from the album. It gives a good taste of what the rest of the album is like. For any discerning drum and bass lovers, DJ Die did a great remix of it that also came out on a Talkin Loud 12 inch.

I'm not sure if UFO are even together anymore. I know that one of the original members, Toshio Matssura, left the band in 2002. The last thing I heard was that they'd released some of their new stuff in 2003. I also know that they did some remix work as recently as 2007 but after that I couldn't tell you what they're up to these days. It's a pity really. They were doing great stuff. Another of their great releases was Brownswood Workshop - Multidirection which also came out on the Talkin Loud label. I saw a copy of it in an Oxfam shop about six months ago but they were looking for €40 for it so I left it where it was. I must try to get it online one of these days.

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