Tuesday, May 6, 2008

parish notes

There's been an upsurge in activity relating to Dublin record shops in recent days and it looks like its going to continue into the foreseeable future.

First up, All City Records have witnessed the passing of Kilkenny hip-hop legend Cool C. Don't fret folks, he ain't dead, he's just moved to Valencia in Spain to be with his girlfriend. The things we do for love. His departure leaves a mighty void in All City but I'm sure it will be suitably filled in time. I'm going to miss my lunchtime chats with Cormac so it looks like OB will be bearing the brunt of my rants for the foreseeable future. On a related note they also got some transition year students in on work experience and made them clean the toilet. Put that on your CV lads.

It also appears that Big Brother have had enough of the cohabitation with All City. Like a Cinderella that's been locked in the basement (no Austrian puns intended) they've decided to move somewhere where natural light is available. As it turns out, they're only moving around the corner onto Fownes St, just in front of the Central Bank plaza. In related news, it appears that they wish to make a clean break with the past because they've gone and gotten themselves a brand new name. Henceforth they shall be known as Beatfinder (which for some reason makes me sing Teethgrinder by Therapy every time I hear it).

Not to be outdone with all this moving and shaking, Road Records will play host to an exhibition/installation by Peter Maybury and my aul arty mucker, Dennis Mc Nulty. They'll be comandeering the basement in Road (which coincidentally was a former home to Big Brother) in order to unleash some arty stuff on the music and art loving public. I don't know much about it yet but I do know that its concerned with reflecting on the changes in independent music culture in Dublin over the last fifteen years (or so). It's called UNDERGROUND which is very apt.


olan said...

cool c has been replaced by Savage or "Sav" for short (without inverted commas). Rant at him if u like also?

Maebh Cheasty said...

Aw that's a pity about Cool C.
Nice for him tho.

Matt Vinyl said...

Maebh - I met Cool C today. He ain't going for another week or two. He has to get all his belongings down to Kilkenny and apparently one van wasn't enough to fit everything. He must be one of those hoarders.