Thursday, June 5, 2008

not one, not two, but three. yes, three things of note!

Tomorrow sees the official release of the new album 'Ritual' by Jape. Now before I get into the music I'll disclose that I think Richie Egan is a top bloke. Not only is he a top bloke but he's got a good buzz about himself and all things related to his music. One of the tunes, 'I was a man' has been getting a decent bit of airplay on the likes of Phantom FM. However there are some other real gems on this album that runs to just over 40 minutes. The album cover is another job by M&E and I should also point out that Mattie from M&E is another top bloke. Mattie and his good lady Emelie made the last video for Richie, the one where he's pelted with fruit. They've got a great buzz going on too. They've been at it again and they've made a video for 'Graveyard' another of the tunes from the new album. They play the song live in what appears to be Mount Jerome cemetery (you can see the chimney for the cremations behind them). Anyhow I've listened to the album once this evening and my favourite so far is number 6. It's playing in another room so I couldn't be arsed getting up to look at the CD cover. Rock on Richie Jape and to the staff member of the record store that sold it to me before he was supposed to. Stick it to the man and all that! It's out tomorrow. Buy it.

As if one new album by an Irish artist wasn't enough to fill a post, I just recently received an e-mail from my old pals Rollers/Sparkers. These chaps released the 'Geography for the Leaving' album in 2004 and have just gotten around to following it up with their new album entitled 'Hames'. Once again I'll declare an interest. These boys are also some of the nicest chaps you'll come across and along with their bookish looks and rapier wit they also manage to create some great sounds. I've been lucky enough to see them twice. I'm also lucky enough to regularly meet one of the band members cycling down Capel St in the morning. Cycling two abreast can be quite a thrill. His cycling wets leave a lot to be desired though, he tends to opt for those garish yellow jackets.

*EDIT: It appears that they have had an intervening album and that Geography for the Leaving was actually an EP. Ooops.

Anyhow, their album release is coming up on Friday 27th June on Lazybird Records. The launch gig will be in the Boom Boom Room, which is now located downstairs in Murray's of O'Connell Street. They'd love it if you came down, immersed yourselves in the gently undulating soundwash and bought their new CD. As if that wasn't enough of an attraction the support act will be Dara O'Brien in a tabla and sitar duo that will question everything you've ever held dear about the Occident. They'll also have Neil Donovan (whose Dad I used to work with and who incidentally is another top human being, his Dad that is, although Neil's very nice too) and Paul Watts spinning some tunes. Sound!

And finally, I bumped into the best hugger that the southside of Dublin has produced. He is the multi-talented musician, clown and generally good vibes guy Bryan Quinn. Some of you might know him from his trumpet playing, others might have seen his clowning and acting efforts with either of the Doherty brothers, David or Mark. As it happens BQ is directing a childrens play that's on in the Project Arts Centre over the next couple of days. Its stars David O'Doherty and Maeve Higgins and is called 'I can't sleep'. I told BQ I wouldn't make it but then I promised the kids that I'd bring them.

Here's Jape singing in a graveyard with Mattie:


Neilo said...

my dad says "hi"

Matt Vinyl said...

Neil - Have you been googling yourself again??? Big up to Frank!

mp3hugger said...

Lucky I live on the Northside then, can i be the best the best hugger oop here?

Matt Vinyl said...

hugger - it goes without saying that you're the best hugger north of the Liffey

mp3hugger said...

I saw his japeness in vicar street over the weekend, impressive stuff but what's with the hairy growth beneath his nose?

Matt Vinyl said...

I thought he was balancing a caterpillar on his top lip.