Wednesday, August 27, 2008

wha' g'waan bredren

It feels like ages since I last posted but I guess it's not really. I had great intentions and planned on posting loads but then I didn't have the time to do it. That's enough excuses anyway, let's have a round up of what's been happening in the vinyl world and also review and preview some events in Matt Vinyl's life.

I should mention the buzz that was the Festival of World Culture. Held in various parts of Dun Laoghaire, we decided to bring the kids along on Sunday afternoon. And what a belter of a day it turned out to be. It actually felt like summer for the first time this summer. I don't even know the names of the acts that I managed to see but the first was three heavy-boned African women doing some singing and some leisurely dancing. They were great craic altogether. Next up was a peculiar hybrid band of bagpipers and samba drummers. It was weird shit but once again it was great. Not the usual thing I'd go and listen to so all the more reason to check it out. The North Strand Klezmer Band were up next and were pretty deadly. They sound a bit like how I imagine a Jewish wedding band might sound. The next lot were another peculiar lot. I think they were from the Ukraine and they appeared to have a sizeable following who'd come to see them. There were three ladies, two on drums and one on what looked like a cello. There was a bloke with them who'd sing every so often into a small loudspeaker (a la Michael Stipe). They were making music that could best be described as Ukrainian Folk Techno. I loved the first few tunes but then it just started to grate on my skull. I'm at a loss to remember who came next. I was pretty drunk at that stage. I was also wondering where the world culture was in the crowd. It started to resemble a festival of middle classes. I'd had enough, the kids were tired, I was in bits. There was no time to hang around to hear Lisa Hannigan so I guess I'll have to check her out this weekend.

Which leads me nicely to the forthcoming Electric Picnic. I'm heading down this Friday morning but I'll unfortunately have to cut the weekend short and come home on Sunday evening. As such I'm going to miss the one band that I really wanted to see, My Bloody Valentine. I'm a bit snapping about that but what can I do. Another of the kids has their first day at school on Monday and I just can't miss it. I'm not sure why, cos I missed the other two starting school but lets not dwell on my past misdemeanours. I can console myself somewhat because at least I managed to catch them play a couple of times when they were in their prime. They were gigs that I remeber well and really enjoyed so I hope its the same for everyone else on Sunday night. I'll play a few of their tunes before bed on Sunday night. That should send the kids off to sleep. I'll update you on the events upon my return.

In terms of vinyl procurement it's been a so-so few days. I picked up two seven inches that are so shite that they're really not worth mentioning. However I have mentioned them so I may as well tell you what they are. The first is by The Shortwave Set and its called 'Now til '69'. I bought it because its produced by Dangermouse but all he's managed to produce is a load of hairy arse. It sounds like a really bad David Bowie tune. Think Absolute Beginners. Or it sounds like any Golden Horde tune! The other piece of shit that I bought is called 'Steve Mc Queen' and its by The Automatic. Avoid it at all costs.

Some quality control was imposed for the next few purchases thank Jaysus. It's the third single that I've bought from the Lykke Li album and its another cracker. Its called 'Breaking it Up' and it's one of my favourite tunes on the album. The b-side features a remix of 'Everybody but Me' by Norwegian producer Disk Jokke. Its a nice low key rhythmic affair that builds from start to finish. It's great. It sounds nothing like it but it somehow manages to remind me of 'State of Independence' by Donna Summer. Maybe Disk Jokke is the new Quincy Jones. Maybe not.

The new Beck seven inch 'Chemtrails' sounds like he got stuck in a room with a load of British shoegazers from the late eighties and a bunch of prog-folkers from the late sixties. The result is a pretty charming affair. Lots of rolling drums and phased vocals. Just what the doctor ordered. Even the freaky guitar wank-off at the end fits in nicely and its abrupt ending is timed extremely well. It stops just before you get annoyed with it.

The final three mentions go to the albums that I picked up in All City Records the other day. The lads got a load of new second-hand stock in and amongst it was a load of funk and jazz. The three gems that I uncovered are all ones that I've meant to buy before. Well now I have them. They are 'Sketches of Spain' by Miles Davis, 'Feelin Alright' by Mongo Santamaria and 'Lets take it to the stage' by Funkadelic. They've a bucket load of great stuff down there at the moment. Tell them I sent you. They'll probably throw you out.

And finally.........he's been at it again. That MP3Hugger never rests on his laurels. He's put together the second Indiecater compilation and it once again features a load of bands from around the globe. I only downloaded it tonight so I'll look forward to listening to it over the next few days. I might even review this one rather than give it the few half-arsed sentences like I did with the last one. The again I might not because I'm becoming a lazy bastard and my reviews never extend beyond two sentences. It might be best for all if I leave it to the professionals. Buy it here.

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mp3hugger said...

Pity you are going to have to miss MBV, there are the only reason I am dragging my festival-hating arse out of retirement. A review would be great btw, I'd gladly take your half-arsed sentences over most of what can be found elsewhere. Arse twice in a paragraph, sloooowwwllly turning into Father Jack. Let the drink flow for the next 3 days!