Thursday, September 4, 2008

there's eating in this podcast. stuff your face!

I've managed to get a few hours away from the stuff of import that usually occupies Matt Vinyls life. Never one to rest on my laurels I thought that I'd get a podcast together for your general consumption. In these difficult times there's little in life that comes free. As such I thought I'd delve into the collection and pick out a few musical gems that you might not have otherwise come across. In doing so it turns out that I've put together seven pretty freaky cuts. Fuck it though, I believe that you're broadminded freethinking individuals who like a little spice in their life. So step up to the mark and wrap your ears around this. The track listing is as follows.

Theme from 'Chips' - Corniche
Utopia (Plaid Mix) - Goldfrapp
Plug Me In - Add N to X
The Four Horsemen - Aphrodites Child
Doctorin the Tardis (Minimal Mix) - The Timelords
Hip Hip - Shut Up & Dance
Angela - Bob James

Listen to : September Sounds

PS I just thought I'd throw in a picture of Spilly Walker at the Electric Picnic for good measure


Twenty Major said...

Just got round to listening to this. Tops. Thanks.

Matt Vinyl said...

Get a load of that Four Horsemen tune, its by that dude Vangelis. Freaky shit/poo.