Sunday, November 16, 2008

welcome in

The assembled cast in The Welcome Inn last night were quite a bunch. I had the Galafari to my left. He was still partying from the night before and the wear and tear was beginning to show. Seated to his left was Barry Delta who had also been partying the previous night but obviously values life's simpler pleasures such as sleeping. Galafari and Barry had of course been celebrating the Reach 2nd Birthday Bash in The Twisted Pepper. Happy second birthday to them. To their left again was the Don of Irish Junglism, the man himself, Naphta. I forgot to tell him last night that I'd only been listening to his 'Long Time Burning' album during the week. Although released last December I only listened to it a couple of times since. During the week I decided that I'd dig it out for another listen and it truly is the finest junglism to have come out of this town. To Naphta's left was another lover and maker of beats, hailing from the UK, weighing in at 13 stone it was the one, the only, Equinox. Moving left again the Mullet took his place between Equinox on one side and Dublin's legendary techno pusher Eamonn Doyle of D1 Records (check him out below with the lovely Welcome Inn behind him). The cameo appearances were put in by myself and the Don Rosco. There was one reason and one reason only for this musical meeting of minds. We were all off to see Rollers Sparkers in the Joy Gallery on Rutland Place.

Rutland Place itself holds a few memories from my distant past. There was a party gaff at the end of it that saw many rave casualties pass both in and out its doors. Fond memories indeed from a time when most of the week would be spent recuperating from the weekends exertions. They were simpler times back then.

Myself and Rosco were eager to move the assembled crew around to the gallery but they're a fairly lethargic lot. We did make it in time to see the last tune by Children Under Hoof. I'm glad we made it because although they were a bit frayed around the edges I enjoyed the buzz about them. I guess that they are in their early twenties at most as they had an affectation about them that was somewhat innocent. The tune was a krautrock/psychedelic prog effort but most bands forget that this type of thing is actually really hard to pull off. To maintain the driving rhythm required for this type of music the heartbeat of the band needs to be spot on. At times during their last tune they could have done with a pacemaker. The bass player and drummer didn't seem to be playing in the same time. The guitarist, who looked a little bit like Catweazel, went a bit wonky at the end and in Mark E Smith fashion went over and started belting away at the cymbals. This was the last thing the drummer needed given the difficulties he was already experiencing. The keyboard player kept looking at the drummer and bassist trying to give thenm the nod to end the song but they were ignoring him. In the midst of all this sat the only female member of the band and it looked like she was playing a Nintendo DS. It seems she has other musical abilities as there was a range of instruments adorning the table in front of her, however any such abilities were kept under cover as she completed the next level of Donkey Kong. Song finished, there was a ramshackle attempt at a Von Trapp family bow. To be fair this was their finale tune so they may have just decided to go apeshit. Next up, Rollers Sparkers.

Knowing the members of Rollers Sparkers, my critical faculties are somewhat skewed. I think that they're great and have done since the first time I saw them a few years ago. That said, they were pretty ramshackle the first time I heard them so the kids from Children Under Hoof can take hope. After what seemed like a long time of fixing gear and fiddling with knobs, they were off. Not that most people noticed. The crowd kept chatting away until a few minutes into the first tune. I'm not sure how the band describe their music but suffice to say its slightly leftfield. They make great use of the array of effects on both their voices and instruments. Their tunes build from a basic rhythm into swathes of driving bass, vocal harmonies and electronic effects and pull the listener along with them. It's not the type of stuff you dance to. Those hearing it are usually more inclined to nod their heads a little. In fact much more time is spent focussing on the contributions from the trio and trying to distinguish exactly who is making what sound. I could only hang around for the first three tunes but it was great. Apparently it was their last live show for a while as they go back to write and rehearse material for a new album. I for one will be looking forward to it.

It was great to see a space like the Joy Gallery being used for stuff like this. It was my first time there but I reckon they could be on to something in using it as a venue. They've held a few such gigs there since it opened earlier this year. I can imagine this kind of thing is de riguer in places like Berlin but it was refreshing to see it happen here in Dublin. There were sixty or seventy people packed into a tight space and buzzing off a couple of bands. Having no licence to sell alcohol the attendees were invited to bring their own booze along if they felt like it. The basic ingredients for a successful recipe are there for them. I wish them every success if their venture continues in this vein.

On other fronts I picked up an album on Grand Royal called New York State of Mind. It features a whole load of Beastie Boy tunes that have been reworked by Green Lantern. These tunes have seen the light of day before on earlier 12inch release and on various Green Lantern mixtapes but I think this album is the first time its been put together on vinyl. One reason for thinking that is that I've been googling it and I can find it mentioned in fuck all places. I think it only got a release at the end of October but its been slow to appear in shops. I was over the the Beastie Boys site trying to get some info when I came across this page. Right in the top middle of the photo is a Saba McDisc just like mine. Nice one.

I also picked up the vinyl release of 'Peeek - an earful of Irish Underground' which has been given a limited free issue on vinyl by the nice Analogue people. I got the CD a few weeks ago but to be honest I never play CD's in the house, or the car, or anywhere else for that matter. I'm not much of a CD guy I guess. As such i was most pleased to get the tunes on vinyl including the contributions by Ugly Megan and Katie Kim. It's only as I write that I realise that there's a tune by Children Under Hoof on it too. I'll have to listen to that later.

I also picked up a limited release seven inch that's from earlier this year. It's a tune called Id Engager and it's by Of Montreal. It's on Polyvinyl Records and its got a nice electro groove to it. It's not what I expected at all. I'm not really familiar with Of Montreal and it was a blind buy but I'm liking it.

Right so. I'm off to cry about Arsenal's unfulfilled potential so far this season. You can catch me playing live on on Monday night between 11pm and 1am GMT. Drop in and have a listen to me talk shite in between the good music. Later

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