Monday, March 12, 2007

the backlash begins

Had a quick look today for some new seven inch releases but instead ended up buying the original cast soundtrack of Mary Poppins. It was only €2 and what vinyl collection would be complete without a copy of it. It's turning into a problem when you can't even walk past a Mary Poppins album these days.

If you like keeping up with some of the latest vinyl releases you could do worse than to check out this site

I've added two more links to the right 'MP3Hugger' and 'Vinyl Mine'. If you've a few minutes to spare you might want to check them out.

I've had a few responses to some of the posts so far. I suppose if you set yourself up on one of these things there's going to be some kind of reaction. Either way I think it's best if I leave all posts (positive and negative) on the blog. I'll only delete those that are of a spam nature or if they're pure invective. Bring it on.

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