Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new hotel with spectacular views of Dublin

A new hotel has opened here in Dublin for a limited period only (23rd March to 18th April 2007). It's in Clarke Tower in Ballymun, one of the last of the original seven towers. The whole of Ballymun has been going through a regeneration project for the last number of years and the end is in sight for the residents of the area. This art project has been in the making for the last twelve months and the artist Seamus Nolan is the man behind it all. Fair play to ya Seamus, ya mad yoke.

On a completely unrelated note, a chap I've worked with for five years found out that I was interested in music and vinyl and the like. He asked me if i knew where he could get the album 'In & Out of Focus' by seventies prog-rock, jazz-classic fusion Dutch blokes Focus . I happened to be passing Tower Records and I thought I'd look for the album for him. Lo and behold it was staring at me for €13.99. I told him about it this morning and he was over like a shot. Apparently he saw them play back in the day (early seventies) but someone had nicked his albums since then. He'll be rushing home tonight to shed the grey suit and to get busy rocking out to Focus.

Check them out playing the tune 'Hocus Pocus' below. The lead singer is doing a great yodelling job and the drummer is the dog's nuts.

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