Friday, March 30, 2007

bloggers, get smart

Friday night. My good lady wife is out with some friends so I'm at home leading the charge on the domestic front. The three children are safely tucked in. This must mean its time to imbibe various intoxicants and type into my computer.

I was a bit wary of this blog business until I started my own of course. Obviously now that I'm doing it its only a matter of time before the hoi polloi join in. Only today the Irish Times journalist Jim Carroll started his own online musings with accompanying musical snippets. Jim has served the Irish musical underdog well for several years now and was only recently bigging up my mates blog weareie and my new online compadre mp3hugger. (Jim's blog entry today outlined a few possible acts for this years Electric Picnic but to be honest I'm not bothered anymore, they could have Joe Dolan and The Indians playing and I'd still go for the buzz.) Alternatively some might argue that its newcomers like myself who may have missed the blogging bus. Apparently this gig is due to peak around about now. Ah shite, blogging is now akin to wearing last seasons wardrobe.

I was out and about for lunch today and picked up a few seven inches to feed to the turntables. First up was 'Keep the car running' by Arcade Fire. To be honest i was more interested in the B-side, a track entitled 'Broken Window'. It was altogether more like the Arcade Fire that I'm familiar with.

Next up was Bromhead Jackets 'What if's and maybe's. I know shag all about these except that I have a remix they did for The Streets. Anyhow, as per Arcade Fire I was initially keener on the flip-side of the record, a tune called 'Number 1 Groupie'. However I have had a couple more listens and I'm reserving judgement until a time yet to be decided.

Finally, I picked up a freaky Pt 1 of 2 Part Set (these things are becoming far too common, just like blogging and chav chic) of 'Green Fields' by The Good, The Bad & The Queen. In order to keep the theme running, I believe the b-side 'England, Summer (in Black & White) Dog House' to be far superior. The a-side is a bit too maudlin for my sensitive musical palate, whereas the b-side is a pleasure. It appears to feature a number of African musicians who have previously collaborated with band member Tony Allen. Watch 'Green Fields' here on a video that looks and sounds like it was filmed with Maxwell Smart's bow-tie.

It appears that the intoxicants have kicked in so lets go crazy and watch the opening sequence to Get Smart. What a great show. Ah jaysus it was a golden age of television, mostly in black and white though.

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