Thursday, March 29, 2007

pop stars for lunch

Dublin is a small city or a big town, depending on your viewpoint. As such it's not unusual to bump into celebrities of varying degrees on a regular basis. Over the years I've bumped into a few as they've attempted to go about their daily business. When I say celebrity I really mean a-listers of the highest order. Only last summer I bumped into Huey Lewis on Grafton Street. I've met Bono so many times that I'm doing my best to ignore him these days. I now refuse to answer his calls.

I met my old pal Mully today for some lunch in Simons Place, hang out for lovers of underpriced sandwiches and soups of uniquely gloopy quality. If you get a seat in the front window you can have a good gawk at all the passers by. This was the order of the day when Mully starts waving at two ladies across the road. A few seconds later I was introduced to Lisa and Una, two well mannered girls wrapped up in a prudent fashion given the inclement weather. Pleasantries and farewells were exchanged and that was that.

This evening I was reading that Damien Rice had split with long time collaborator Lisa Hannigan. Jaysus wept, sure wasn't it only Lisa Hannigan that I'd met today. If i had have known that Lisa was a celebrity I might have wiped the lump of tuna off my cheek. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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