Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Digging in the crates

I did a quick 'supermarket' sweep of the charity shops on Wexford/Aungier Street in Dublin today. They range in quality and cleanliness and are dutifully staffed by old women with more facial hair than me. I've had some rich pickings in these stores over the years but of late I haven't found anything really special. I have a revolving door relationship with charity shops. I buy their tat and in exchange they take my tat for free to sell on to other tat buyers.

My hopes were raised in one of the shops today when I spied a Sesame Street album. It featured 'C is for Cookie' by the Cookie Monster and i quickly scanned down to see if there was an original version of 'Pinball Number Count' (check the link to view the original piece of animation) by The Pointer Sisters. This tune is no 'Neutron Dance' for those of you familiar with the Pointer siblings. Anyone who watched Sesame Street many years ago would know the tune. It always featured when there was an animation of the inner workings of a pinball machine. In keeping with the educational emphasis of Sesame Street the song was actually the Pointer Sisters counting from 1 to 12. Needless to say it didn't feature on the album.

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