Wednesday, March 7, 2007

put the needle on the record

After yesterdays trawl through the charity shops it was back to the regular retail outlets today. A visit to the ever affable staff of Road Records here in Dublin had me satisfied in jig time.

The first tune I picked up there was one by a lady I had heard nothing about prior to today. She's on the cover and looks a little like a kooky Tori Amos. However, I have it on record from Dylan in Road Records that this lady is sexy. The lady in question is Regina Spektor who hails from New York. She has no plans to tour Europe at present but I think she might be worth checking out if she lands over this side of the pond. I picked up her seven inch single 'fidelity' and you can listen to it at the Regina Spektor link above. Thanks for brightening up my day Ms Spektor.

I also picked up the new seven inch from LCD Soundsystem entitled 'North American Scum' which you can listen to if you click on the link. Also based in New York, he ranks Hot Chip amongst his myspace friends.

I'm not sure about this internet friend business. It would be much better if I could imagine Hot Chip calling around to LCD's house to see if he was coming out to play football, like real friends do.

Another purchase today was a tune by The Maccabees called 'About your dress'. Hailing from Brighton they also have some interesting myspace friends including Jamie T (whose seven inch 'Calm Down Dearest' was a recent purchase) and The Futureheads. I reckon there's quite a good chance that Jamie might call round to The Maccabees for a game of ball.

On the subject of games of football, I have just finished watching Arsenal draw with PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League. As such they are now out of the competition. If Arsene Wenger or any of the team are reading this blog at this disappointing juncture in their lives I would just like to say a quick thanks for all the good football over the past few years. keep your chins up.

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