Sunday, March 25, 2007

foreign games a go go

I was (mis)fortunate enough to go to the Ireland v Wales Soccer International in Croke Park yesterday. This is the first soccer international played in the venue since a womens international was held there about 100 years ago. I can only imagine that the womens international was better to watch than the display given by the Welsh and Irish.

It was probably one of the worst soccer matches i've ever seen. Each team tried to outdo the other in terms of how crap they could play. Thankfully, I had blagged a ticket for the fancy section so I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the glitterati of Irish football.

I bumped into the likes of Kevin Moran, Chris Hughton, Packie Bonner and most of the Italia 90 team. Mick McCarthy has a great tan. I had never realised it was that sunny in Wolverhampton. Notable by his absence was Roy Keane who probably had to walk the dog instead. Priorities and all that.

I had a good chat with former Wimbledon and Luton manager and former Irish international, Joe Kinnear. If you're betting on who might be the next Luton manager, you could do worse than to put a few quid on Joe. He let it slip that he expects to get the job on Wednesday. I wasn't sure whether that was a good or a bad thing.

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mp3hugger said...

Shocking stuff alright. Paid 70 smacks and not an ounce of joy. Hope Wednesday is better.