Friday, March 23, 2007

a musician spurned

After the deluge of yesterday, there is less to report on the vinyl front today. I stopped by an Oxfam shop and found a copy of 'Only Losers take the bus' by Fatima Mansions. I also found an old breakbeat record by DJ's Slipmatt and Lime (SL2) on XL Records. On a more cultural note, I spotted a copy of James Joyces 'Finnegans Wake' and proceeded to buy it. It's a book I've meant to read before now but never got around to it. At first glance it looks like hard work. I might have to just get a synopsis on the internet so i can at least pretend that I've read it.

I thought I'd show my wife what all this YouTube and MySpace business was about tonight and she was pretty impressed. She has an arms length approach to technology but delighted in the fact that she could call up music and videos at will. Here's the Arcade Fire doing their thing. My missus was really digging ther vibe.

I managed to get my podcast thing going on over on the right. I've a small selection of tunes lasting about 25 minutes. Feel free to have a listen. I'll attempt to put some selections up from time to time for the listening pleasure of all and sundry.

As we speak I'm looking at Damon Albarns latest project on the Jonathan Ross show. It appears that they do not have a name for the band. Lazy gits. The music's not bad though. One of the blokes in the band was visibly seething because Mr Ross didn't know his name. Classic.

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