Thursday, March 22, 2007

rumble in the jumble(sale)

My 'Outlook Express' reminder thing popped up in work today. 'SVP. Camden Street. 5pm. Record Sale.' It had slipped my mind that I'd seen a sign in a charity shop advertising a 'huge record sale'. Luckily I knew that it would slip my mind so I had the foresight to organise a reminder. I headed up there this evening where my excitement was tinged by the sad fact that there was not even one huge record there. All were the standard 12" and 7" type.

For the modest sum of €20 I picked up the following stuff/crap/music:
The first gem up is Focus 3 by Dutch freaky band Focus. The next album was Black Market by Weather Report which I think was the first one to feature Jaco Pastorius in the lineup. For nostalgias sake I picked up The Fun Boy Three by funnily enough, Fun Boy Three. It's brilliant if only for the one song 'The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum'. I also bought a singles collection by Squeeze featuring the classic 'Cool for Cats' and a compilation album called 'Souled Out'. It features tunes by the likes of Creative Source and Love Unlimited Orchestra. I also got Kiss by Prince and both See You and Get the Balance Right by Depeche Mode, all on 12". On a more peculiar note I bagged a copy of Womble Stories as narrated by the brilliant Bernard Cribbins.

I also had to sate my desire for the 7" format and managed to pick up a few things, the best of which are One Love/People Get Ready by Bob Marley, Struggle by reggae greats The Gladiators, the hilarious (Si Si)Je suis un rock star by Bill Wyman and Voodoo Ray by A Guy called Gerald. All the while I was looking at other people find stuff that I wanted. It was a very frustrating experience watching one bloke pick up an Eddie Kendricks album. Snapping.

I'm trying to get some kind of podcasting thing going on the site. If I have any success it will appear on the right hand side in the future. I hope.

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mp3hugger said...

A Guy Called Gerard - Voodoo Ray, love it so. Thought it be worth a lot but just did a search on ebay and you can get it for € these days eh, no value on precious art.

Matt Vinyl said...

it'll always be worth at least €1.25 to me. it's in great nick too.