Wednesday, March 21, 2007

matt does serious issues too

I was about town today after my bank holiday sojourn of sorts. I picked up the new seven inch from Good Shoes which is titled 'Never meant to hurt you'. It's a decent enough tune and its growing on me with each listen.

I also picked up a new box for holding seven inches. It was a steal at only €26 but I have issues with the situation of the handles on the aforementioned box. It holds a fair whack of vinyl so it should prove useful.

I've been straying into politics and environmental issues on my trawl of sites today. A chap in work put me on to this site. It appears to be run by a cranky old man, so it's not too different to this one. The telling difference is that his website is dedicated to exposing corruption in Ireland. That's all well and good except that this guy just rehashes reports of the things that you already have read in the paper. Brilliant! This guy not only concerns himself with exposing corruption but it also appears that he writes a social diary of sorts on the Irish blogging community.

I would also recommend this blog on 'Natural Capital' but only if environmental affairs are your bag.

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