Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my bloody kevin shields

I was surfing the world wide interweb machine today and I came across an interview with Kevin Shields of 'My Bloody Valentine'. I've been a big fan of MBV since the late 1980's and have been fortunate enough to see them on a couple of occasions. I had thought that they'd been resigned to the annals of rock music history but it turns out that Mr Shields is not writing off a new MBV album in the very indefinite future. Both myself and any sensible medical practicioner would suggest that you do not hold your breath for this.

Kevin has not been resting on his laurels as he did that 'Lost in Translation' soundtrack recently but I best remember him as per the interview below. Check it out. Its interspersed with the 'Soon' video from their 'Loveless' album. The best bit is when he is talking about the kids in Dublin ripping the piss out of his American accent. You had the last bloody laugh Kevin. It also appears that the traditional Irish 'rock' haircut has not moved on since this interview in the early nineties.

Over the last week or so I've struck up an online relationship of sorts. There are no webcams involved nor is there any seedy action from any part of the Benelux region. No, this relationship is the type of relationship that two seven year old boys might strike up. Actually scrap that reference, it is the type of relationship that any boy/lad/man might engage in.

It starts a little something like this. I see something I like (it could be a loloball, some Top Trumps or even a 2000Ad comic) and I tell the person I like it. The person tells me they like it too. All of a sudden we both like the same thing. It's the start of something altogether wonderful. (Ladies, if any read this, you won't get this type of behaviour as it is far too simple for you).

Anyhow, as I've been going about looking for inspiration for my blog thingy, I came across the site MP3Hugger. It's now the case that we have traded a few comments and little titbits of information have been dropped in our correspondences. I have now used all the information gathered and I have built a profile of MP3Hugger. It appears that we are both of the same generation, have been to the same gigs and live in the same country. Coincidence? I think not. By taking a Kierkegaardean leap of faith I am able to surmise that MP3Hugger is just like me except with a better website blog thing, probably better dressed and a broader musical palate. Tune in next time for more sleuthing activity.

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mp3hugger said...

Nope, I shop in Penney's, am an indie snob and my website is slowly falling apart. Back to the drawing board Sherlock!!