Sunday, March 18, 2007

we represent the lollipop kids

Had a busy weekend thus far, what with St Patrick's Day swiftly followed by Mother's Day. It was nice to take it easy today and sit down with a coffee to read the papers. The Observer featured the 'Music Mothly Magazine' and it was, as ever, stuffed full of intersting material. It had a feature on 'Arcade Fire' and asked if they were 'The Best Band in the World'. I'd be shitting it if I was Arcade Fire because as soon as anyone starts sticking those labels on you it generally cues some kind of freefall from grace.

The most interesting article was their '50 Greatest Film Soundtracks'. I'm always a bit dubious about any polls of this nature but at the same time I'm always interested in how they match my own tastes. The chart surprisingly featured at Number 21, 'Dougall & the Blue Cat' an album that I happen to have. It also featured Isaac Haye's 'Shaft' and Marvin Gaye's 'Trouble Man'.

Unsurprisingly (or at least for me it was), the Number 1 soundtrack (as per The Observer) was 'The Wizard of Oz'. For those of you who have never seen the movie I enclose a link to the script here. This album is the business. I picked up a copy of the MGM original soundtrack in a crappy store in Dublin for €5. Worth every penny of it but I never play the album because for some reason I framed in and its hanging in my toilet. From Number 1 to the shitter in only a matter of seconds. I suppose that's life.

I couldn't let the weekend go by without remarking on the success of the Irish Cricket squad at the ODI World Cup which is being held in the Carribean. I should admit that I'm not perhaps their greatest fan, nor do I have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, nor indeed have I ever played the game, but I don't feel that this should stop me from hopping on the cricket bandwagon at this tardy juncture. I've had a passing interest in the game ever since I found out that a chap I worked with had a son who had declared for England. His son, Ed Joyce had a pretty good afternoon today. Due to the upsurge in popularity in Irish Cricket I now believe that it's time for me to throw my full support behind them until they too inevitably let me down. Until then I am their biggest supporter.

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Mully said...

Cricket this Friady in Dalymount If your interested squire? My self and the Don Rosco shall be in attendance