Friday, March 16, 2007

happy fridays

I was back diggin in the crates this lunchtime. What used to be Comet Records has gone through some various guises in the last few years. It now occasionally opens its doors and the owner peddles his wares at semi-extortionate prices (fair play to him). Whilst having a root today I purchased a fairly odd selection.

First up was the seven inch of John Kongos 'he's gonna step on you again', a tune the Happy Mondays covered in the form of 'Step On'. The original is pretty good but I have fonder memories of the happy mondays version.

Next up was a seven inch of Kirsty McColl's 'There's a guy works down the chip shop'. I had a strange idea that I liked this tune. As it turns out, its pretty shit.

Moving forward, a seven inch copy of 'Keep Feeling Fascination' a tune it turns out I already have. I'd forgotten that. Bollix.

On a better note, I picked up a copy of 'It's going to happen' by The Undertones. 26 years old and still rocking.

Being a sucker for nostalgia, I couldn't pass up a seven inch of Lee Majors called 'Unknown Stuntman'. It was the theme tune to 'The Fall Guy' an American series from the early eighties or so. It's tacky but I'm loving the lyrics to it.

Finally the most worthwhile result from today was getting the 'Funkentelechy' seven inch by Parliament. It's as funky as a funky thing.

Reminiscing on Comet Records I lamented the loss of the famed customer service. Over the years the stalwart Gerry and Terry managed to bring aloofness and downright rudeness to bear on many an unsuspecting customer. In fairness, Gerry (the tall one who now works in Tower Records) was actually pretty friendly, he just refused to suffer fools. An admirable trait i would have thought. On the other hand, Terry (the DavidBaddiel lookalike/Mod bloke) was wonderfully rude and dismissive. It took about 7 years of shopping there before he'd let me listen to potential purchases.

Obviously these are two of the forgotten victims to Ireland's new found Celtic tiger fortunes. Spare a thought for Gerry and Terry this Easter.

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mp3hugger said...

Yeah, those lads in Comet used to scare the bejaysus out of me. Getting served was akin to shaking the president's hand. Not surprise they closed though as their prices (like Towers) were astronomical in an increasingly mp3 world. I remember I got that Kirsty McColl tune on a cassette give-away by Weetabix, I adored her version of Billy Bragg's A New England so couldn't wait to hear Chip Shop. Boy, was I disappointed, absolutely muck. As for the Mondays, I had Ryder's hair for about 3 years but then I needed to get a girlfriend and settle down so I dropped it for a number 2. Happy memories.