Sunday, March 11, 2007

a week in blogging is a long time

It's always good to reflect on the progress of an ongoing project. This post is dedicated to reviewing the first week or so of my blogging life. As the project is still in its infancy I'm going to cut myself a little slack and not be too self-critical.

I'm trying to get used to posting images and putting them in the right place (not too successful I hear you say). There's lot's more stuff I'd like to link up, such as videos and mp3's but I reckon that I'll sort that out over the coming weeks. All told I'm pleased enough with the fruits of my labour over the last while. I'm sure I'll get the hang of things after a while.

To things musical. I've read the weekend review sections of the various papers and 'LCD Soundsystem' gets the 'Album of the Week' in practically all of them. Get your hands on 'Sounds of Silver' from March 12th.

I saw this turntable from Numark the other day. Delivered to your door in Ireland from these lads for €100, it sounds like just the job if portable turntables are your thing. It's also on sale from certain high street music retailers here in Dublin for €124. I reckon I'm just going to spend the extra €24 as the postman will never fit the package through my letterbox. This begs the question as to whether I should get a bigger letterbox?


Anonymous said...

I think the use of the word "remix" to describe one of Matty's kids is just SENsational, let me say. Ya , you knnow this matty guy is SUCH a trip. hes like SUCH a funny guy.

Anonymous said...

Whilst running this Bloggers communique's through the CIA artificial intelligence profiling framework it pumped out the following:

Individual clearly takes pyschotropic drugs. May have been involved in Anti-social demonstrations of some description. Clearly not a licensed driver. History of juvenile bed-wetting. Inflated sense of self evaluation. Subject may experience delusional and advanced psychotic hallucinations with such severity that those around him may be drawn into his drug filled hippy fantasy world. May be frustrated at the laughable size of his penis, however, does not suffer from any associated infertility issues.

Biggest threat to to societal stability?It may be that this subversive individual does not vote for affiliated mainstream political parties or succumb to subliminal pacifying messages that are used to keep the general populus in check. Subject should be considered HIGHLY dangerous to normal leisure pursuits of the priveleged elite and fatcat Progressive Democrat voters. This misanthropic thug is certainly not beyond playing elaborate and supposedly "humorous" "practical" jokes on respectable law abiding citizens. Probably eats CAlifornia sandwiches when he gets the "Munchies" after getting high on "MAryJANE"

Recommendation: Full frontal labotomy and significant penis enlargement.

Matt Vinyl said...

You're both kind of right. I need a penis enlargement so that it's proportional to the size of my ego.

PS I'm not that funny, you can ask my kids.