Saturday, March 10, 2007

spring is in the air

It was a beautiful day here in Dublin. The sun in the blue sky (where it should be) and the birds whistling in the trees. The flowers are starting to bloom and the buds are opening on the trees. There's a real feeling of spring in the air. Most people would not be aware (including a lot of irish people) that Ireland centres its various seasons around ancient celtic festivals. As such we are more than midway through our Irish spring.

I spent most of today painting my kitchen with 'Cooking Apple Green' by the Farrow & Ball paintmakers. As such it now looks like a kitchen from a Jane Austen novel, or more to the point it looks like a kitchen in a drama adaptation of a Jane Austen novel.

One of the remixes (he's 4 years old) came down to breakfast this morning singing '59th St Bridge Song' by Simon & Garfunkel. He then asked if I had it so I proceeded to dig out a copy for his listening pleasure. He made me play it four times. I played him some more tunes by Messrs Simon and Garfunkel but he wasn't impressed at all.

I was reading the UK newspaper 'The Guardian' today, and along with a map and stickers of the 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient World' the guide part to it was going on about this guy called londonlee who has a blog. i was checking it out and it's very good, so good in fact that it's going into my recommended blogs on the right.

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