Tuesday, April 24, 2007

aaargh, the dinosaurs are back

Dinosaur Jr are back in their original line-up after a break of 18 years with a new 7" entitled 'Been there all the time'. J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Emmett Murphy have been playing live together again since 2005 but are now recording new tunes. They also have a new album called 'Beyond' that's worth checking out. These guys were a huge influence on me and my mates up until they broke up in 1989. I still like nothing more than to put the 7" of Freak Scene on the turntable, up the volume and rock out.


lexia said...

Great news. Dinosaur Jr. are one of the formative bands of my teenage years. It's good to see them reform.

mp3hugger said...

Freak Scene was one of the first songs I can remember to use the word f**k in a really cool way.