Sunday, April 29, 2007

watch the birdy

It's Sunday evening after another pretty nice weekend here in Dublin's Heaven. I'm not really going to get into this weekends events but they were somewhat similar to this. I'd rather concentrate on what's on for the week ahead.

One gig I've been looking forward to for a while is Camera Obscura who I'm going to see next Sunday evening in The Village. I got hooked on their 'Underachievers please try harder' album a couple of years back. They've got a good pop feel to them and they look like a bunch of buzzers. They'd better be good. Or else! Or else what? Or else they won't be! Here's hoping they're good so.

Another event of note on my calendar is a paintballing session next Saturday. It's this kind of thing that brings out the innate child and innate soldier in me. It's not like I turn into a freaky child soldier like those Htoo twins who led God's Army in the Burmese jungle. Actually it's not far off it. Sweating buckets, steamy mask and deep breaths might sound like just another Friday night in to some folk. However to Matt Vinyl this means running aroung a forest in Wicklow getting shot at by friends and acquantinces. The last time we did it I ended up on a team that would have been beaten by the cast of 'Dad's Army' and funnily enough we were beaten. It was still great

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Mully said...

Oh let the heavns open and an army of soldier angels come down and do a fierce battle on that day of days. I'm calling our troop, "the angels"