Thursday, May 17, 2007

because I'm worth it

I got my hands on a copy of the latest 7" by Blonde Redhead the other day. It's called '23' and I got it for free because it was slightly warped. Even better still it's on blue vinyl and even better again its actually really good. I haven't heard these guys in years and I thought that they had split up. As it turns out they've been releasing albums on a fairly regular basis since their first in 1993. My own attempts at describing records are pretty shit so here's a review from Boomkat that I thought described it very well.

"I would say this is the band’s first pure pop album, and it begins on a high with the title track which sounds suspiciously like classic shoegazer music. When I say classic shoegazer I don’t mean it sounds ‘a bit like Slowdive’ either, this is a track that could have fallen off the back of the lorry carrying master tapes of ‘Loveless’ to the pressing plant – it’s that good. Founder and singer Kazu Makino’s vocals sound better than they ever have mixed nice and high and drenched in reverb and simply put this is the music that reminds me why we all fell in love with 4AD in the first place. Gorgeous female whispers, crushing harmonic guitar noise, pummelling percussion… it might not be the most forward-thinking or modern music I’ve ever heard, but when the songs are this good who’s bothered about the finer details?"

Great. Thanks Boomkat. If you want to listen to '23' and two other tracks from the album (also titled '23') you can do it here.

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