Friday, May 18, 2007

here comes friday night

It's been a busy Friday. Today I picked up a copy of the 'Nights Temper EP' by Unkle. It's apparently a prelude to their forthcoming album 'War Stories'. It's a lavishly packed double 7" package that features collaborations with Autolux, The Duke Spirit and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. It's certainly a departure from the MoWax material for which Unkle are famous. I only know a little about James Lavelle and I reckon the last time I saw him was dj-ing on a converted trawler in the Dublin Docklands. This EP is very much of the rock persuasion so anyone looking for the usual from Mr Lavelle can turn away now. You can check out samples of two tunes from the EP here.

I bumped into Donal Dineen on my way home this evening and he was recommending a gig by Grizzly Bear that took place tonight in Whelans. I know bugger all about Grizzly Bear but Donal is a man of tatse and distiction and he wouldn't send me wrong. He's also very good at paintballing. No fear. It must be the Kerry blood.

I missed the gig as I was out for dinner in Dunne & Crescenzi (cue restaurant review). If you like all things Italian then Dunne & Crescenzi will do it for you. Simple food, reasonable prices, extensive wine list, good staff, all good. (end restaurant review)

As I write I'm slightly worse for wear after a night of good food and intoxicants. I've caught the last few acts on Jools Holland and it's been a bit hit and miss. I'm watching Patti Smith do a decent enough verson of 'Gloria' by Them but I feel I may have missed the best of her by about thirty years. I just saw Kate Nash and she's a bit like a Grammar School Lily Allen. Too little substance behind the pout for my liking. I've also seen the abomination that is Simply Red. It's so hard to believe that Mick Hucknall is one of the prime movers behind the magic that is Blood & Fire Records. It's obviously his redeeming factor. I'm still looking for mine.


mp3hugger said...

You seem to meet more 'celebrities' than Lorraine Keane, how so? Perhaps a career with ladies in Xpose beckons!!!

Matt Vinyl said...

It's not so interesting when you hear that we were chatting about what local schools to send the kids to. Not very rock n'roll at all.