Saturday, May 19, 2007

don't let them up for the FA Cup

I watched the FA Cup final today. Contested between the current top two teams in the English Premiership, Chelsea and Manchester United. The two teams with the most expensive squads. The first final in the new Wembley Stadium. It was always going to be something special for the neutral spectator. Except it was shit. One of the worst finals that I can remember. For god's sake they didn't even have an FA Cup song between the two of them to mark the occasion.

Gone are the days of an FA Cup song with Chas and Dave. It's a pity really as I always got a good laugh out of them. Footballers and pop music always make for an interesting combination. Think 'Diamond Lights' by Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle. Think of John Barnes rapping on 'World in Motion' by New Order. As an Arsenal fan myself I'll always hold dear the 1993 collaboration with Tippa Irie and Peter Hunnigale entitled ‘Shooting For The Gunners'. It really must be the effort from Liverpool in 1988 which is the worst ever. The 'Anfield Rap' once again featured the lyrical styling of John Barnes. Grandmaster Flash he ain't. Check out the state of Ian Rush, Bruce Grobelaar et al. It also contains the following peculiar line:

I'm from Jamiaica, my names John Barnes,
When i do my thing the crowd goes bananas


roar murf said...

i think u will find the Liverpool squad was more expensive than United Nugget...-

Matt Vinyl said...

Lets not split hairs but Rio, Rooney, Ronaldo, Carrick and Heinze cost just less than £100m. Essien, Drogba, Wright Philips, Carvalho and Ballack cost £116m. Ok, Shevchenko cost £30m but that's about the only difference in the team cost. United also have a peculiar habit of not disclosing fees for certain players which is unusual for what was until recently a publicly quoted company.

Alonso, Kuyt, Crouch, Pennant, Reina and Garcia were all bought for about £45m. Liverpool have spent about a fiver and it shows in their shit team. Mind you, they're the ones contesting the Champions League final.

Big up Ror I. Are you coming to Bristol?

roar murf said...

But to split hairs,when you deduct the fees received for players sold,eg van nistelrooy,Uniteds spending comes in at 4th, after Chelsea,Liverpool and West-Ham,.
Anyway, I am indeed coming to Bristol will be there from the Friday night.See you then.

Matt Vinyl said...

let's settle this over a scoop and a bifter