Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm very satisfied

I was settling down to an evening in with Jools Holland last night when I remembered that I should have been somewhere else. I hopped in a taxi and headed to Crawdaddy for my date with J-Live. In common with most of my first dates either I arrived too early or my date arrived too late. Maybe it’s the old age but a 1am start for a gig is way past bedtime. I arrived about midnight and caught an hour of Cool C on the decks. There were a few b-boys who proceeded to give an impromptu exhibition of their breakdancing talents. There was a young b-girl in the crew who was getting a few whoops of encouragement from the crowd of mostly male onlookers. It was a great spectacle and made me shamefaced about my own breakdance efforts in my youth. I was shit. These guys had it going on.

J-Live was a delight to experience. Accompanied by his long-standing compadre, DJ Flo Fader, they rocked the place. It was an unusual crowd mix in that Dublin’s hip-hop fraternity were representing and there were also lots of youngsters out for a Friday night dance. Most people seemed to be enjoying him and I was one of those too. He has a handy knack at writing great lyrics and he has no problem delivering his message live. J-fuckin-Live.

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