Saturday, May 26, 2007

Magnificent Sevens

Picked up a few bits and pieces on Friday. I chanced upon a copy of the new 7” by Cornelius. It’s called ‘Gum’ and it features on the album ‘Sensuous’ which was released earlier this year. I heard it a couple of months ago whilst getting a lift in a mate’s car and I couldn’t believe it. It’s the proverbial canine’s genitals. You can listen to it here

Following a recommendation about the group I picked up the new 7” by Grizzly Bear. This crowd from Brooklyn, NY, played Dublin very recently but I didn’t hear how the gig went. I like this single entitled ‘Knife’. It's a different version to the one on the album and is a limited European release if you're into that shit. It’s a bit like Spiritualised meets The High Llamas. You can decide for yourself if that’s good or bad here.

The final 7” is a new one from LCD Soundsystem called ‘All my Friends’. It features a cover of the tune by Franz Ferdinand as the A-Side and the B-side is the original tune by LCD/DFA, albeit an edit of the album version. There was another version of the 7” released simultan eously that saw the tune covered by someone else, this time it was John Cale. That version was muck. You can hear the Franz Ferdinand version here


Justin Mason said...

hey Nuggie --

good tip on the Cornelius. great tune!

have you heard the B-side of "All My Friends" -- "Freak Out / Starry Eyes"? it's genius. there's an mp3 here:

Matt Vinyl said...

The cornelius album is great. You'd love it.

I missed LCD on Jools the other night. I also missed Wilco too. The rest was pretty shite according to her indoors. I'm off to the merryswankster to check that out.