Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Matt's Vinyl Choices

I've noticed that I've tended to stray off topic in this blog. It seems to have turned from musical matters to national politics judging by the last post. What's that all about? Today I've decided to let you in to the private record collection of Matt Vinyl to give an insight into those tunes that Matt considers to be choice cuts. Where do I start though? At the beginning I suppose:

Funnily enough I'd bought a few records as a young kid. One of the first I remember was a tune called 'Ten Little Indians'when I was about 7 years old. When I googled it I found out that The Beach Boys recorded a song of the same name. I wonder if that's the one I had? I doubt it. The first 7" that I remember buying in my very early teens was 'Hangin on a String' by a British band called Loose Ends in 1985. I still have and I still play it. Apparently Loose Ends are still playing.

Those early days were steeped in pop music and I have still retain a penchant for such. Only recently I bought another 7" from 1985 by The Jets called 'Crush on You'. It's cheesy as hell but I still think it rocks. Check out The Jets doing their thing back in the old days of bad haircuts, leggings and lurid coloured clothing. Hold on, that sounds like now! Maybe The Jets will make a comeback.

On an unrelated matter it appears that bloggers like myself are undermining or challenging many of our most cherished political, cultural and economic principles. The man with this idea is Andrew Keen and he's published a book called 'The Cult of the Amateur'. A book! How 1980's! He probably likes The Jets too. Mind you, he's probably right about me undermining cultural principles. Usually my own.

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Mully said...

This is the most 80's blog in the entire www.