Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Be like your ancestors or be different. It doesn't matter

I've finally gotten around to putting a new podcast together. You can listen to it on the right or you might choose to download it to your Ipod/MP3 player. It features a selection of recent seven inch releases and also two tracks from the 1980's. The first of these is by Chaz Jankel and the other is by The Cult (see previous posts below). I've also included some stuff by The White Stripes, Unkle, Frank Black and The Little Ones. Enjoy.

I've also added another blog to the ever-lengthening list on the right. This one is called 'Funky Sixteen Corners' and is a treasure trove of soul music. I'm only beginning to find my way through it but it features some brilliant podcasts.

The only other thing of note this evening is a feature on Devo in the latest Fact Magazine. You can read it here.

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