Friday, June 15, 2007

missing in action

The video above is for 'Boys' the first release from Sri Lankan born MIA's second and most recent album 'Kala'. It features a truckload (100 actually)of Jamaican dance squads plucked from the dancehall soundclashes. It features dancers such as Ding Dong, Sample Six, Neva Scared, Shady Squad and Sponge Bob. The dancers read like a who's who of Jamaican squads and the dance moves are great. Apparently MIA hooked up with Beenie Man at one of his nights and he played the tune for 45 minutes over and over. The crowd loved it. She asked them all to appear in their video. Hey presto. Mash up. Jamaica style.

The good news for me is that MIA will be appearing at this years Electric Picnic festival on September 1st. I have until then to practice all the moves in the video. Have a look for me freakin out at the front of the gig.

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