Friday, August 10, 2007

arcade fire are fuckers!!!! (allegedly!)

Tickets went on sale this morning for Canadian band Arcade Fire's gig in a tent in the Phoenix Park this coming October. I was online myself right at the moment the tickets went on sale (and even though I had ordered four tickets approximately seven seconds after they became available) but I didn't manage to bag any. Luckily enough my sister-in-law has a magic broadband connection that is Arcade Fire/Ticketbastard friendly and I got sorted. Over at On the Record there's a few fans venting their spleen and they are none too pleased with the band or the ticket sales company. Here's what Sue had to say about the sorry sordid affair:

"I am so. Freaking. Angry. With both Arcade Fire and Ticketmaster. Arcade Fire are clearly not meeting the demand in Ireland, and need to rethink their concert venues and the amount of gigs they schedule… my dog could have told you that one gig was not near enough to satisfy Irish fans."

Are you listening Arcade Fire? You are not satisfying the voracious appetite of Irish music lovers. Sue is. Freaking. Angry. For God's sake she's lost all sense of grammar and syntax because of this. Not only is our musical appetite in overdrive but we're quickly turning into a nation of illiterates.

The Irish Nation demands that you stop pandering to the musical whims of the rest of the world and come and set up permanent shop here. If this place is good enough for Lisa Stansfield, The Thompson Twins and Def Leppard then it's good enough for a bunch of moose-loving, commonwealth, ice-hockey playing, sister marrying freaks, and Arcade Fire. Céad Míle Fáilte.


thegirlwhosafraidoffoxed said...

A year ago I would have been gutted to miss out on tickets as i loved the first EP and around half of Funeral. Now I didn't even bother looking for tickets as neon Bible disappointed me so much. However I just knew getting tickets was going to be a problem for this, so I spent the last few days warning everyone who wanted to get them! You would think by now Ticketmaster and the promoters could get themselves together enough to make it work better.

Matt Vinyl said...

I wasn't into Neon Bible at first but it's been growing on me like poison ivy for the last five weeks or so. Now I'm really into it (well about half of it, the one about planes crashing is a load of shite).

National Disgrace said...

I think she has more pressing issues than simply going to Arcade Fire.. such as a talking dog..

Matt Vinyl said...

Come to think of it. What else could her dog tell us? Does it have next weeks lotto results?