Tuesday, August 21, 2007

good times

I was reading something in one of the Sunday papers the other day. It was a feature on varous 'famous' people and was asking them what their song of the summer was. One of those interviewed was Norman Jay and he picked a tune by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons called 'Beggin'. He actually picked the new remix of it by Pilooski which you can listen to here. I've a lot of respect for Norman so I went out and got a copy on 7". It's the proverbial canines genitals. You're also blessed with the wonderful original verson on the b-side.

I wasn't always on good terms with Norman. There were many years at the Notting Hill Carnival where my mate would endeavour to drag me along to the Sancho Panza sound sysytem and then up to Norman's Good Times double decker bus. I would usually have preferred to head down to any of the jungle or reggae sound systems for my musical fix. Then one year I ended up at Normans bus for the carnival finale and he played a brilliant mix of Sunshine of your Love by Cream. The crowd were rocking and I must admit that I had a great time.

I haven't been to Carnival for a couple of years now. The advent of kids and also the scheduling of Electric Picnic the week after means that it's harder for me to get over for Carnival. At least I'm lowering my carbon footprint. There's always a silver lining I suppose. Check out the footage from someones phone below. Wait until the bass kicks after 40 seconds or so.

Now check out the video for the re-release of Frankie Valli's 'Beggin'


Justin Mason said...

Pilooski is one of the D*I*R*T*Y DJs, they've been putting out good mixes for like years -- I have a really good Air country+western mix they put up. here's the tracklisting:


I must upload that, actually. it's a great mix.

Mully said...

Carnival would be great.Justin, You look like a bleedin pop star these days. Whats going on? Catherine.......

Luke Mc said...

That is class. Where did you pick that up? Fucking brilliant. Here's a blogpost by my old friend Olly, thought you might agree with the sentiments. http://underachievement.blogspot.com/2007/08/distasteful-experience-of-being-exposed.html

Matt Vinyl said...

Justin - Nice one I'll check that out.

Mullet: Justin looks like he's in Kings of leon.

Luke: You'll probably still pick it up in HMV or Tower.