Monday, August 20, 2007

sixes and sevens

Right Ho. Let's get straight back into action. I've been busy over the last few days and as such I've neglected the blogging aspect of my life. I intend to make amends immediately by giving you a whirlwind tour of the seven inches that I've got my hands on over the last week.

The first one is a bit of an old release at this stage. It was released earlier this year on V2, its from their new(ish) album It's Not How Far You Fall, It's the Way You Land and its none other than 'Soulsavers'. 'Revival' is the first release from the album and I have to say I hated it at first. It was recommended by a chap who lives around the corner and it was a reluctant purchase on my part. However I'm over those negative vibes now and I'm beginning to enjoy this song. When it starts it sounds like the record is at the wrong speed but its not. It's just a bit of a slow burner. You can see the promo video to it here It really reminds me of another band but I'm darned if I can think who.

Next up is another offering from Simian Mobile Disco (see earlier post on 'Its the Beat') called 'I believe'. It's a bit of an eighties flavoured synth backing track with some earnest vocals on top for good measure. You can check out the promo video here

The raucous sounding 'Hard Fi' have released a new tune called 'Suburban Knights' and seem a sure fire bet for chart-topping success with this one. Lots of pulsing synth basslines and laser sounds on this one. It'll sound great on the car speakers as Ray D'Arcy rinses it on his show. Watch and listen here.

I got my hands on the latest picture disc release by Welsh rockers 'Super Furry Animals'. It's a tune called 'Show Your Hand' and will sound oddly familiar to SFA lovers. That's a good thing in this instance though. Melodic, dreamy and strangely nostalgic sounding, it's altogether a very pleasant affair. Nice one. Listen here

Coming up on the inside is the latest one from 'Kings of Leon'. I was doing a bit of long distance driving over the last month or so and the standout track for me from their recent album was this one, 'Fans'. Maybe it his distinctive voice, maybe its the nice bassline, maybe its the fact that I can hear the guitarist slide his fingers on the strings, maybe its the funny bit when they all shout the backing vocals. It's not the lyrics because I never listen to them. Whatever it is. I like it. Listen to it here. Watch them play it live here.

Next for shaving is the Russo-American chanteuse Regina Spektor with her latest offering on seven inch, 'On the Radio'. Look at and listen to her great video of her gettin' down with the kids. I think she's great. So there. She's playing here in Dublin on the 30th August in Tripod. Check it.

I also got a load of old eighties seven inches including such gems as 'Sweet Harmony' by The Beloved and 'Get a Life' by Soul II Soul but I'm not going to get into that because most of them are shite.

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